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Harsh Crimes

lying on the side of the road bleeding to death

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True Crime, Crime Fiction & Film
25th hour, agatha christie, alfred hitchcock, american gangster, american psycho, anne perry, badlands, barbara stanwyck, batman, black mask, blade runner, bones, bonnie and clyde, brick, bullitt, cape fear, capers, carl hiaasen, casino, charles willeford, chester himes, china town, christopher nolan, collateral, crime, crime fiction, crime films, crime tv, dark passage, dashiell hammett, david ayer, david fincher, david goodis, dexter, double indemnity, edgar allan poe, elizabeth short, elmore leonard, film noir, frank miller, from hell, funny games, gangster films, gilda, good fellas, gun crazy, harlan coben, harsh times, heat, heathers, heavenly creatures, heist, henning mankell, humphrey bogart, ian fleming, jack the ripper, jackie brown, james ellroy, james m. cain, james patterson, jeff lindsay, jeffery deaver, jim thompson, joe r. lansdale, john le carre, kathy reichs, key largo, kiss me deadly, l.a. confidential, le femme nikita, los angeles noir, louise penny, mario puzo, martin scorcese, memento, miami vice, michael connelly, michael mann, mildred pierce, mulholland dr, murder my sweet, mystery, mystery novels, mystery tv, natural born killers, neo-noir, north by northwest, notorious, ocean's eleven, out of sight, patricia cornwall, patricia highsmith, philip k. dick, point of no return, poirot, postman always rings twice, psycho, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, raymond chandler, rear window, rebecca, red dragon, reservoir dogs, robert graysmith, robert ludlum, ross macdonald, savage grace, se7en, serial killers, sherlock holmes, silence of the lambs, sin city, steven soderbergh, strange days, street kings, sunset boulevard, suspense, sweeney todd, taxi driver, ted bundy, the big sleep, the black dahlia, the brave one, the dark knight, the departed, the getaway, the godfather, the grifters, the joker, the killer inside me, the lady from shanghai, the maltese falcon, the moonstone, the thin man, the third man, this gun for hire, thomas harris, thrillers, tom ripley, touch of evil, traffic, training day, true crime, vertigo, vintage crime, walter mosley, wilkie collins, william gibson, zodiac