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Beth Short

Posted by unsuicide on 2008.08.17 at 19:50
I am reading the Black Dahlia Avenger.  Holy Fuck.  I think this guy has really found the killer.  Every action has a suitable counter reaction and nothing is a better example of this premise than Steve Hodel's book.  His father dies and his son barely knows anything about his life.  He finds a little photo album with a picture of Elizabeth Short in it.  It turns out that Steve has been an exceptional LA Homicide detective for 30 years and is in the perfect position to create a profile of his father and interpret the evidence to prove his father did it.  What are the chances that the son of the man who killed the Black Dahlia would be the cop who finally caught the killer.  I also found the book Exquisite Corpse at a used bookstore which is the perfect visual companion to this book.  

I have a love/hate relationship with True Crime books especially when they're good like this one.  I know that once I start reading, I won't be able to out the fucking thing down - headache or no headache.  Savage Grace is up next and mystery/crime novels have a similar effect on me.  It's such a hard life.  Sigh. 


thynk2much at 2008-08-19 22:29 (UTC) (Link)
[Hello, am a friend of your white lilac, and a crime fiction/film fan...]

I have only read Ellroy's book on this to be honest, so that's my only perspective (and I know it's not basis for any opinion).

But I thought in light of your obsession, you might be interested in the following which horrified me and my fella the other night while flipping channels --

We stumbled upon "The Girls of the Playboy Mansion" and stopped transfixed by the tv trainwreck that was their 'haunted tour of Los Angeles' (my hometown) -- so picture if you will three Playboy bunnies dressed up in Halloween costumes (one was Jackie O! one was a naughty schoolgirl! one was... well, she just had tight jeans and a tiny tshirt) and driving around LA going to famous crime scenes and places where ghosts were supposedly sighted.


So they go to the place where Elizabeth Short was buried. One of the girls, the naughty schoolgirl one, talks about how she is like sooooooooo into the Black Dahlia and soooooooo creeped out by the story and insists on having her photo taken lying on these people's front lawn (that's what the spot is now) playing dead. Like the Black Dahlia.

We both had such a strange sense of travesty and horror at the sight of it that I had to snap the tv off so we could just stare at each other!

Or maybe it's strangely apt. Who knows.
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